About Us

Take Charge on how the world sees you! Get yourself a Website.

Founded in 2022 by Van Invent Pvt Ltd, Caard Club is no code micro website building platform for creators, individuals & businesses.

With the team based out of Hyderabad India, we thrive on delivering the best for our customers, providing you with state of the art web services and digital products.

we think sustainable entrepreneurship.
Caard club strives to create a sustainable world by switching out a paper-based business card, we think that sustainable entrepreneurship contributes to global growth and improvement.

As a Caard account holder, you can manage and share your websites using one of our stylish wireless card over a single tap, Scan QR code, or a simple free URL

By replacing the paper-built business cards with single long-lasting card, the Caard club works toward building an ecologically sound world. According to a survey done in 2017, 27 million paper-based cards are produced in the US alone. This roughly translates to 1.6 million trees cut down every year, just for making business cards. Join us to reduce this number for the better good.

Keeping your data private is our upmost priority. 

If you have additional questions or require more information about us, reach out at info@caard.club